Why create projects?


In this article: analyze data, budget working time, Define access levels.

Setting up and allocating time to projects can help you in many ways, for example:

Analyze organized data.

When you allocate projects to your tracked time, same types of work get grouped together. This way, you can understand at a glance where your days really go. It is easier to notice when you’re spending disproportional amounts of time on a single project and identify areas for optimization.




Click here to see how reports can help you analyze this.

Budget working time.

Estimate how long a project should take you and monitor what really happens. This way, you can see if you’re charging your client enough or getting the most out of
your money. Once you have some past results, you can make better time estimates in the future.




Click here to see how to set budgets up.

Define access levels.

Determine on a project-by-project basis who in your team needs access to what. Allocate project managers or create user groups to make team management easier.




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