Managing Clients

Learn how to create, edit and delete clients in your workspace

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Assigning Clients to your projects will allow you to get an extra level of time tracking data categorization and make it easier to create reports by applying both the Project and the Client filter. 

If you work on different projects (or provide multiple services) for a single client, adding the same client to multiple projects will allow you to keep better track of the entire scope of work you are doing for that client. 

Creating Clients

Clients can be created in more than one way:

  1. From the "Clients" page.

  2. From the "Projects" page.

  3. From the "Timer" page.

Creating Clients using the "Clients" page

  • Click on the "Clients" page on the left side menu in the Toggl Track web app

  • Click on the "+ New Client" in the top right corner

  • Type the name of your new client in the "Client name..." box and click the pink "Create" button

Creating clients while creating projects on the "Projects" page

  • Go to the "Projects" page using the left side menu via the Toggl Track web app

  • Start creating a project by clicking on the pink "+ New Project" button on the upper-right corner of your screen

  • An overlay will pop-up, in the "No client" field type in the name of your new Client and click on "+ Add new client" 

  • Enter the Client's name and click on a pink Add button.

Creating a new client while creating a new time entry

  • Start a running timer on the Timer page or start creating a new time entry using manual mode

  • When selecting a project choose to create a new Project

  • An overlay will pop-up, in the "No client" field type in the name of your new Client and click on "+ Add new client" 

Please note that Workspaces on our Starter, Premium and Enterprise plans have an option to prevent regular users from managing Clients. If the option 'Who can create projects and clients' is set to 'Admins' under Workspace settings, only admins will be able to view, create, update or delete clients in that case. 

Editing Clients

To edit clients you, click the 3-dot control next to the Client and choose Edit and modify the clients name.

After being edited, the update Client name will be applied to the client and the new name will be shown for the client with all previously allocated time entries.

Archiving Clients

You can archive a Client you no longer work with, while retaining the data for them in your reports if you are on the Premium or Enterprise plans. Open the Clients page, and use the 3-dot control to Archive the client.

Archive clients

Archiving a Client will also archive any Projects associated with this client. You can still run reports for this Client and their Projects in reports.

Confirm archive clients

You can view all Clients (Archived and Active) on the Clients page by choosing "Both" from the filter at the top, or choose to view just Active or Archived.

Filter for archived clients

Archived Clients are shown in grey, under the active Clients.

View all clients

You can use the 3-dot control to restore an archived Client. At this time, you can choose whether you wish to just restore the Client or also the Projects associated with them.

Restore client

Deleting clients

To delete clients go to the "Clients" page using the left-side menu via the Toggl Track web app and click on the three dots next to the client you'd like to remove:

After clicking the "Delete" next to the Client you'd like to remove, you will be asked to confirm your decision. You can also choose to Archive the client instead.

Once you confirm that you'd like to delete a Client there will be no way to undo the action and the client will be removed from all Projects it was allocated to. 

If you still have any questions about managing clients, feel free to contact our Support team via email or by clicking on the blue icon in the bottom right corner of this page. 

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