I found a bug

This article details what kind of information you should share with us if you run into an issue you suspect is a bug.

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Due to frequent updates to existing features and releases of new ones, bugs can be introduced after one such update.

I want to report a bug.

If you are experiencing an issue or unexpected behavior in one of our apps or a specific feature, the more details you share, the better and more efficiently we will be able to help.

Sharing details about a suspected bug.

  • Track has a web app, a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox, desktop apps for macOS and Windows, and mobile apps for iOS and Android - letting us know which app was used for time tracking when you experience an issue is an excellent first step.

  • Screenshots or (even better) screen recordings will help our team understand the issue better. You can attach your screenshot (or recording) to the chat window in the web app.

  • If you can reproduce the issue consistently, sharing the steps for us to do the same helps us figure out the cause and help you much faster.

  • If you cannot reproduce the issue consistently, details about the device you are using, the OS, the browser, and the app version will help us attempt to reproduce the problem.

  • Finally, if you are reporting the issue via chat, you should request to talk to our team so you can share all of those details (and anything else you can think of) with a human.

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