How does Toggl Track sync data?

This article describes how you can use Toggl Track on several platforms with the same account.

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You can access your account and the time entries in it from various Toggl Track apps. We currently support:

All your data is synced to our cloud storage so that you can easily log in on any device and access the same data in it. All of our apps automatically sync data to the cloud, but sometimes you might see a sync error.

Important: If your time entries are not syncing, please do not log out of or refresh the app you are seeing the unsynced entries in to avoid losing the data.

Here are some common reasons why this can happen for each app.

Common sync issues: Desktop apps

The Toggl Track desktop app (Mac, Windows) most commonly has sync issues when used in an office environment with a restricted internet connection, such as a proxy or a firewall. This will prevent the app from syncing your data or could even prevent you from logging into the app.

The app will show exclamation marks next to time entries which have failed to sync. You might also get a message telling you the app is offline at the bottom or top of the main app window.

Important: If your time entries are not syncing, please do not log out of or refresh the app you are seeing the unsynced entries in to avoid losing the data.

toggl track desktop app offline sync errors

Triggering sync manually

First, try triggering sync manually within the app.

macOS users: Navigate to Account > Sync to trigger sync manually.

Windows users: Click on the cogwheel icon located on the top-right corner of the main window (the timer window) and then select "sync" from the drop-down menu.

Optimizing your network

If this doesn't work, if possible, try connecting to a different network to determine if the one you are currently connected to has restrictions on it.

If you see that the app doesn't have syncing issues while you are connected to a different network or if you are not able to test this out in your office environment usually the best thing to do is ask your network administrator to white-list Toggl Track on the network you are connected to.

It also helps to make sure that ports 80 and 443 are open towards, and

Send Support your desktop app database

If the above options did not work, contact our support team with your database file so we can check for unsynced time entries.

Database file location on macOS

To start, open Terminal on your Mac, input the following, and hit Return:

open ~/Library/Group\ Containers/

Once the folder opens in Finder, open the production folder and send us the DatabaseModel.sqlite file. That's your local database file.

Database file location on Windows

Go to C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Toggl Track\<hash>\database.sqlite

Here, <user> and <hash> may be different for each user. The <hash> will be a random sequence of 64 alphanumeric characters.

If the application is running, there might be other files in that directory, so make sure you get the correct file: (database.sqlite)

Do note, the Windows desktop app has an export option where you can export your unsynced time entries manually. Click on the Settings cog and Export the data from there and then import it into the webapp.

Common sync issues: Mobile apps

Toggl Track mobile apps (iOS, Android) will try to sync as often as possible in the background to ensure real-time data when you open the app. However, due to iOS and Android limitations, there might be limits to how often your app syncs based on your battery life and other factors. Users on an unstable network (e.g., EDGE) or those using the app offline for an extended period of time might also notice that it takes longer for the app to sync than usual.

Important: If your time entries are not syncing, please do not log out of or refresh the app you are seeing the unsynced entries in to avoid losing the data.

Time entries created in the mobile app that have not yet synced with our servers will have a grey exclamation mark. Time entries that have failed to sync will have a red exclamation mark next to them.

ios toggl track app offline syncing error

Trigger sync manually

Our mobile apps are designed to sync automatically when you open them (assuming it has been in the background for more than 5 minutes). However, you can also trigger sync manually.

To trigger sync manually you need to pull down on your screen while on the timer page. You will see a loading circle while the app is syncing your data.

Reaching out to support

If you continue to face sync issues, please reach out to our support team for further assistance. It's best to use the in-app feedback form if possible so that we can get some useful information along with your message.

If your app is completely offline and you are not able to use the feedback form please specify in your message the make and model of your mobile device, the OS it's running, and the version of the app that is installed on your phone.

To see which version of the Toggl Track app is on your phone tap on the cogwheel icon to access the settings page where you will be able to find that information.

Common sync issues: The web app

The webapp (opened in your browser) is actually the "most direct link" you can have with our servers. Therefore it is really rare to see a syncing-related error in it. However, network restrictions similar to those described in the desktop app section can cause issues with sync.

Important: If your time entries are not syncing, please do not log out of or refresh the app you are seeing the unsynced entries in to avoid losing the data.

If the web app is offline you will see the following option to "reconnect":

toggl track offline syncing error reconnect

Keep in mind that this can also happen if you just opened up your laptop and it still hasn't connected to a network. Clicking "reconnect" as soon as you see that your device is online should do the trick in that scenario.

When time entries created in the web app don't sync, we show an exclamation mark on the left-side of the time entry description. Hovering your mouse over the exclamation mark will give you the option to retry syncing that specific time entry.

toggl track offline retry sync

If after trying different networks, tweaking the network settings for proxy and firewall, or clicking on the "reconnect button" doesn't help, please contact our Support team by clicking on the purple chat icon in the bottom right corner of this page to start a chat.

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