To open the Summary report page, click on the Reports button in the main Toggl sidebar.



  • Allows to define a custom date range for the report.
  • The date range in the Calendar is limited to 1 year.
  • Open the Selecting a date range article for more details about Calendar's features and capabilities. 



You are able to filter your data by User, Client, Project, Task, Tag, Billable flag and Description. Changes you’ve made to individual filters will be applied as soon as you click out of the filter field. To generate the report click on the green “Apply” button.

For more information on filters, open the Filtering reports article. 


The chart gives you a clear and visual overview of your data according to your filters. Your data is shown in two colors – dark and light blue. If you hover over the bar chart, you'll see a number that shows you the total amount of hours on that day. The part that is dark blue shows your billable hours. Please note that the billable hours will display only if you’re on the Starter plan.



Your data appears in 4 columns depending on the way you have grouped and sorted it.

  • The first column shows you the Project name. Click on the plus sign to see more detailed information – Time Entries attached to that Project.
  • Time formatting can be changed from your Profile page, Toggl currently has 3 different ways for displaying time.
  • What is “Other” (in my pie charts)? “Other” is a system-generated category that contains all projects whose duration doesn’t exceed 10% of the total duration. In other words, it’s a way to group together smaller projects so they don’t clutter the pie chart. This grouping is done automatically and cannot be turned off.


  • Click on the ‘Grouped by’ button to change the way your data is displayed.
  • You can group the data by Client, Project or User. You can also set subgroups by Time Entry, Task, Project, Client or User.
  • For example: set grouping to “User” and subgrouping to “Project” to see how much time each member tracked and how that time was divided among projects.

Export, Print and Settings

  • Click on the export icon to export data into PDF or CSV. If you are in a paid workspace, you can also export your data into Excel format.
  • The Save icon is for using Saved Reports; a feature available in paid plans.
  • The settings cogwheel icon allows you to enable or disable the Rounding feature (if you’re in a paid workspace).
  • The cogwheel also allows you to turn on Distinct Rates. If you enable this setting your project rate and project member rates will be displayed in your report.
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