The "Other" segment of the pie chart is a system-generated category consisting of individual segments that would otherwise take up less than 1% of the final chart for your applied filters and date range.

The purpose of the "Other" segment is to prevent the cluttering of the pie chart. To "reveal" the data that's categorized as "Other" you can try selecting a shorter date range so that fewer segments would meet this criterion and would get their own individual segments.

Here's an example:

Project 1: 30 hours
Project 2: 20 hours
Project 3: 20 hours
Project 4: 20 hours
Project 5: 2 hours
Project 6: 5 hours
Project 7: 3 hours

In the Pie Chart, you will see: percentages for Projects 1-4 individually, but then Project 5-7 will be grouped together as they makeup super small percentages of the chart, and adding them all individually would result in lots of small "pie" pieces you couldn't differentiate.

These "grouped" together projects make up the "other" slice on the pie chart.

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