Where is my tracked time?

Data loss is extremely rare in Toggl as we have several layers of data redundancy. Data is mirrored into an overseas (London) data center in real time and we make full data backups every 12 hours. So the likelihood is that your time entries are still all there, …

…it’s just a question of finding it.

A few steps that you can take to see if you can find the data yourself:

1) First, please go to https://www.toggl.com/app/#reports, check that your date range is set to include the days where your data should be and click ‘Show’. If it´s there, it might be a sync issue with your desktop/mobile app. To avoid that, please Refresh your app manually.

If you do see your data inside a Toggl app (mobile or desktop app), but entries are not appearing in Detailed Report, it may be that your app is suffering from syncing issues. In that case please do not log out of the mobile / desktop app as it may cause dataloss. Instead try to force sync or contact Toggl support at support@toggl.com

2) Please double check that you are in the correct workspace when generating the Report. Click here to learn how to switch between workspaces.

This is because:

  • Time entries in Toggl get allocated to workspacesand if you are active in the other workspace, you won´t see your data.

3) See if you can think of any other email addresses you might have created a Toggl account with.

This is because:

  • Perhaps you first started off with your work e-mail, but then accidentally created a Toggl account with your personal e-mail also.
  • Now your time is logged in a different user account, not the account from where you are looking for it.

4) If none of these tips help and you still haven’t found your data, please contact us privately at support@toggl.com. Please also tell us what date range the data is missing from and the e-mail address you’re logged in to Toggl with to speed up the process of finding a solution.


If you didn't find what you were looking for, please write to support@toggl.com and we are happy to help!

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