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Tracking Time in Real Time



  • Make sure the Automatic Mode is switched on (green clock icon, marked above with red).
  • Insert description in to the “What are you working on?” field. Autocomplete will show you suggestions from previous entries.
  • Pick a project and a task from project drop down, add tags and billable flag if needed.
  • Hit the green play button to start the clock.
  • Click on red Stop button when you’re done. Time entry will move to the time entry list below.




  • Use “Create a new project” option in projects drop down to create a brand new project.





  • From project drop down you can change the Workspace current entry will belong to.
  • Click on the running clock to adjust the start time.
  • Use x to disregard a running entry.




Manual Mode




  • Make sure the Manual Mode is switched on (green list icon, marked above with red).
  • Insert description in to the “What have you done?” field. Autocomplete will show you suggestions from previous entries.
  • Pick a project and a task from project drop down, add tags and billable flag if needed.
  • Adjust start and stop times – pick any date from the calendar, edit time stamps.
  • Click the green Done button.
  • Time entry will move under appropriate day header. If entry is from a future date, it can be viewed on Detailed Reports page.




Inserting the duration

To create a time entry by defining a duration select the Automatic Mode (green clock icon), click on the duration field and enter the time. Confirm the change by hitting Enter. Once you do that the play button will change into a check mark.

Things to keep in mind when inputting the duration

  • Up to 3 numbers can be entered, separate them with : or ;
  • The default unit is minutes. If only 1 number is entered the system will interpret it as mm
  • If 2 numbers are entered it is interpreted as hh:mm
  • If 3 numbers are entered it is interpreted as hh:mm:ss
  • It is possible to manually specify the unit of each number. For example, entering 2h will force it to be interpreted as hours instead of the default unit (minutes)

Quick tips

  • To prevent the timer from starting when inserting the duration make sure to insert the duration first (then the project, description, etc)
  • You can toggle between Automatic and Manual mode by hitting M on the keyboard when no specific field is in focus




Edit, Bulk Edit and Delete

  • To edit click on the relevant field and insert your changes.




  • Bulk Edit and Delete functions appear when hovering over the day header.
  • Tick entry(s) and select Delete. Undo option will briefly appear in lower right.
    Note: Deleting multiple time entries is only available one day at a time on the Timer page.
  • To Bulk Edit tick the entries you wish to change. Insert your changes on the overlay.




  • Or use the Delete icon (a cross) that appears at the right end of a time entry when hovering over it.



Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 22.23.31

Continue a Time Entry

  • Continue Button will appear on the right side when hovering over a time entry.


Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 22.25.37


Group Similar Entries

  • Go to My Profile page. Select “Group similar time entries” setting.
  • Similar entries will be grouped under one entry on Timer page. Check details by clicking on the number in circle. Read more >>>
  • If you turn this setting off, start/stop times are shown on Timer page by default.




Create a New Project

  • Open up projects dropdown, select the “Create a new project” option.




  • Insert project’s name and other details.
  • If you’re on premium plan, you’re able to pick a colour from the new colour palette.
  • If you’re on premium plan, you can use a template when creating your project.
  • Toggle the switch to grey if you’d like to create a ‘public’ project. This option is only available for admins.




Daily and Weekly Charts

  • Enable the chart from visualization menu just below the timer:




  • You can switch between Weekly or Daily charts.




Timeline data

  • Enable the Timeline chart from visualization menu just below timer:




  • Horizontal bars show the times of the day that you have covered with time entries.
  • Scroll the timeline by clicking on left / right arrows in top left:




  • In case you’re using the desktop app and have enabled Timeline Recording, the vertical bars will display programs that you’ve used and pages you’ve viewed (read more >>>):





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