Categorizing Time


In this article: projects and clients, tasks, and tags.

Projects and Clients

Allocating your time entries to Projects allows you to generate useful reports more easily. You can create new Projects to assign your entries to from the Project page or on the Timer page while adding your time entries. Each Project can be tied with one Client.


When you assign your entries to Projects, you can group your data when running a Summary Report. When grouping your data by Project/Time Entry it will look like this.

You can also generate reports by choosing one (or more) Projects from the Filter option.


Another way to categorize your time would be using Tasks (Starter feature):

Tasks allow an extra level of hierarchy within projects.

Organizing your time by Tasks is also possible from Reports the same way as it works for Projects.


There’s one more way to categorize your time. It’s especially recommended if you would like to mark your Time Entries “billed” or “invoiced” and generate your Reports by that criteria. This feature is called Tags and that’s where you can add them to your Time Entries:


PS. You can create Tags from your Workspace Settings page as well.

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