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How are time entries assigned to the correct workspace?
How are time entries assigned to the correct workspace?
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All time entries in Track need to be assigned to a workspace. Each workspace works as a silo, with time tracked to it being visible only to its admins and project managers, so it is important to track time to the correct workspace to allow your managers to report on it.

For users with just one workspace, there is no way to track time to an incorrect workspace. Users who are members of multiple workspaces can easily also track time on the correct workspace. This guide addresses how to make sure you are tracking time in the correct workspace in our webapp, desktop apps and browser extension.

Choosing the correct workspace in the webapp

Projects are grouped by Workspace in the Project dropdown. By choosing the correct project in the correct workspace, you will be tracking time where it needs to go.

Webapp Project dropdown

Choosing the correct workspace in the desktop apps

Scroll down the Project dropdown to find the correct project from the workspace you need. The Projects are grouped under the workspace they belong to.

Choosing the correct workspace in the browser extension

Use the Project dropdown to select the workspace each time entry is assigned to in the browser extension. Similar to the mobile and desktop apps, the Project dropdown is grouped by workspace.

Browser extension project dropdown


  • Currently the mobile apps do not visually display which workspace each project belongs to but this will be addressed in a future release.

  • By default, all time tracked without a project selected is tracked to your default workspace. Default workspace can be chosen in our webapp and mobile apps (Settings screen).

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