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What data do our locally installed apps store?
What data do our locally installed apps store?

Toggl Track’s desktop apps and Toggl Track browser extension store some data locally. Here’s more on what data we store and where.

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If you’re using Toggl Track’s desktop apps or Toggl Track browser extension, some data will be stored locally on your device, while some will be sent to our servers. Here’s more on what data leaves your device and why.

What data is stored in Toggl Track desktop apps?

Time entries are stored locally and synced with our servers. This includes time entry descriptions, durations, start/end times, clients, projects, and tags.

If you are using our Timeline feature (this can be manually enabled in our desktop apps), we store the data locally and sync the data to our servers too. This includes the app names and browser window titles/tab names, collected while the desktop app is running, for timeline visualization*.

When users send feedback from our in-app feedback form, we receive user logs, as well as information on the device they are using so our developers can resolve their issues faster. Similarly, we receive error reports should an app error out on a user, which includes the user ID, locale, time zone, and hostname for troubleshooting.

Should the window titles/tab include sensitive information you do not want to store in Toggl Track, we advise not using this feature.

What data is stored in Toggl Track browser extension?

Here are the items stored in local browser storage on your device, where the extension is installed:

  • The User's API token (obtained from logging in)

  • All projects and tasks fetched that the user has access to

  • All clients fetched that the user has access to

  • The latest stopped time entry

  • The number of time entries that you’ve tracked in the Toggl Track browser extension (this number is used for showing prompts in the extension)

  • The settings e.g. if Pomodoro is turned on, what the default project ID is etc.

The Toggl Track browser extension does not look at or collect browsing history. It does require Tabs permission, to detect websites related to enabled integrations, and run the Toggl Track browser extension integration in those tabs.

What data is collected by the Browser Extension: New Tabs feature?

There is one functionality in the Browser Extension that requires some extra permissions, the New Tab Page.

When you enable it, we will ask your permission to "read your browsing history". All we mean by that, is to see whether or not you are navigating to chrome://new-tab so we can show you the New Tab Page. We can guarantee that we are not monitoring or storing any browser activity.

If you still have questions about our apps, please contact our Support team by clicking on the purple chat icon in the bottom right corner of this page to start a chat or search our knowledge base.

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