What causes organizations to get frozen?

Read what to do if your organization got frozen.

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For an organization to be frozen the following conditions need to be met:

  • The Organization needs to have over 5 users.

  • The latest invoice has remained unpaid for 7 or more days, or the Organization subscription has been canceled.

To un-freeze the organization you need to update the payment details or reduce the number of active users to 5 or fewer. 

While an organization is frozen you won't be able to track any new time within the organization. However, you can still...

  • Generate reports.

  • Edit users on the Team page.

Note: If you are on our Enterprise plan, have multiple workspaces under on Organization and downgrade your Organization to Premium, Starter or Free, we will freeze all but the oldest Workspace in the Organization.

Need help unfreezing your organization? Please contact our Support team by clicking on the purple chat icon in the bottom right corner of this page to start a chat.

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