Project Time Estimates


In this article: task-based estimation, manual estimation and how to view the status of a project.

Project Time Estimates is a Starter plan feature and can be set on the Project Edit page:

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There are two types of estimates to choose from – Task-based Estimation and Manual Estimation.

Task-based Estimation

To set a Task-based Estimate:

  • Open up Project Edit page.
  • Choose “Task Based” from the project time estimates field.
  • Add either a time estimate to a Task while creating it, or add the estimated hours to an already existing Task.


Manual Estimation

To have a fixed time estimate on a Project:


How to View the Status of a Project

  • Overall number of tracked hours per Project can be viewed in Status column on the Projects page.
  • If you’ve set Project Time Estimates, you can also view the status of your progress.
  • Project Time Estimates lets you view whether you’re over on hours or on target based on the estimate you set.
  • The number to the left of the parentheses indicates how many actualhours have been logged
  • The number in parentheses is the estimate.
  • If you’ve exceeded the time estimate, the actual time tracked will turn red.
  • The number in parentheses is the estimate.


Please note these hours are only displayed in whole numbers as a reference point. To see exact time logged, please go to Reports.
To see the progress of your Project as a whole, including Tasks, click the pie chart to open the Project Dashboard.

TIP: Use Alerts to make following Project Time Estimates even easier!


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