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  • Tasks are a Starter plan feature.
  • Tasks provide an extra level of hierarchy within Projects. They function as sub-projects.
  • Tasks allow you to set up “jobs” for your team and allocate them to specific members.
  • Tasks can be created and edited on the Project Edit page:

tasks_1 (1)


In the menu for Tasks, you can:

  • Assign tasks to certain members of current project’s team.
  • Edit the Task name by simply clicking on it.
  • Set Time Estimates for Tasks and review the progress of each visually.
  • Mark Tasks as done / as active.
  • Delete Tasks.


Done and Active

  • To hide completed Tasks from the project list on your Timer page you can mark a Task as Done.
  • Entries recorded under your Done Task will still be available in Reports.
  • Tasks can be reactivated by marking them Active.


Tracking Time To Tasks


What Will Happen to Tasks Once Paid Subscription has Ended?

  • Time entries created under tasks will remain, however, the task label will be hidden from regular plan users.
  • Once you renew your subscription task names will be visible again.


subprojects, sub-projects, sub projects

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