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In this article: how to save a report, settings, lock timeframevisibility and removing a saved report.

Saving a report makes it easy to quickly generate the same type of report at a later date. Saved reports can be shared among team members or even with people who don’t have a Toggl account.
Saved Reports (previously called “Bookmarked Reports”) is a Starter feature.


How to Save a Report?

  • Pick the filters / data grouping you’d like to be applied.
  • Click on the highlighted Save icon (available in Summary, Detailed and Weekly Report):


  • Confirm settings on the overlay:


*Scheduling reports to email is a Premium / Enterprise feature.


Lock Timeframe

  • Don’t lock the time frame to allow the receiver to browse the report on different dates. Eg you don’t need to resend your report every month as your clients can view it themselves by changing the date range.
  • Lock the timeframe to limit the receiver to only this specific date range.
  • When browsing between different dates, all other filters you set in the report will stay intact.



Set visibility to “Public” if you wish to:

  • Share it with a person who doesn’t have a Toggl account;
  • Have the Saved Reports visible on the “Saved Reports” page to all users in your Workspace.


Set visibility to “Team” if you wish to:

  • Only share it with a person who already has a Toggl account (they need to be logged in to be able to view the link you’ve sent them).
  • You don’t want other members in your Workspace to be able to see it on the “Saved Reports” page.


  • After clicking “Save”, the report will appear on the Saved Reports page.
  • Saved Report’s URL can be copied and shared immediately. Type of the Saved Report can be changed from menu in front of the link.
  • Deleting a Saved Report makes the link inactive and it cannot be accessed anymore. Only the person who created the Saved Report is able to delete it.


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