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In this article: Email Notifications, Grouped Entries, SettingsTime Zone, Closing Your Account and API token.
  • Clicking your name in lower-left of the Toggl toolbar brings up a popup box where you can click “Profile Settings“:




  • Profile settings appear as follows:



In the first section, you can edit settings for email notifications and your timer page.

Email Notifications

  • To enable/disable newsletters check/uncheck the box next to “Toggl can send me newsletters over e-mail
  • To enable/disable weekly reports check/uncheck the box next to “Send weekly time entry updates
  • Please note; Weekly reports are sent on which ever day you’ve chosen as your first day of the week. This can be changed as described in the “Settings” section below.
  • To enable/disable emails sent to you regarding time entries that have been running for longer than 8 hours check/uncheck the box next to “Email me about long-running (over 8 hours) timers


Timer Page

Grouping similar time entries –

  • Similar entries will be grouped under one entry on Timer page.
  • You can expand or collapse your entries by clicking on the number in the circle.
  • If you leave “Group similar time entries” unchecked each time entry will be listed in chronological order and will show a start/stop time. Read more >>>




  • To enable/disable the running timer in the browser tab check/uncheck the box next to “





  • The second section of the page includes Settings, which allow you to customize the way the app looks and behaves.



Time Zone

  • To avoid time tracking discrepancies make sure the time zone on your Toggl profile matches the time zone on your device.
  • The time zones should match exactly in both location name and hours.

The Toggl Timer page tracks time in your device´s time zone and Toggl Reports display the times in the time zone that you have set in your Toggl My Profile page.

If they are different, you may experience the following problems:

  • when saving a time entry, its start or stop time moves back/forward a few hours
  • when creating a new time entry, it is saved under a different day than you wanted


Closing Your Account

  • Click the cogwheel in the upper-right hand corner to the left of the green “Done” button.
  • Select “Close Account”
  • If you’ve been using Toggl with a team, delete all team members from Team page before closing your account.


Close Account 1

While we’re sorry to see you go we do hope to have you back again sometime in the future.

Toggl API token

  • For developers, Toggl has a public API that you can use to link your own systems with it.
  • Once you’ve found your token (8), follow the detailed instructions to get exactly the data you need.

Resetting your API token

  • You are also able to reset your API token. This might be useful when it has become public by accident or if somehow too many people know the code.
  • Please note that if you are using third party integrations which depend on your API token, resetting your token may break them. You need to update your API token in these systems manually.

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