Locking Time Entries


In this article: insert locked dates, regular user’s restrictions, and unlock.


Locking timesheets is a great way to prevent back-dated entries from being entered or edited.

Timesheets can only be locked in Enterprise and Premium plans. See prices of these plans and upgrade on your Subscription page.


  • Reports can be locked on the Workspace Settings page – only administrators have access to this.
  • Open the calendar by moving the switch from Unlocked to Locked. Set the date that you want to lock entries up to.



When entries are locked up to, for example, July 16th, it means that regular users won’t be able to:

  • edit any time entries with the date July 15th or earlier
  • add new entries to July 15th or earlier

Administrators can still edit and add time in the locked period.

To unlock everything, move the switch back – the date will also be removed from view.

All changes will take effect as soon as you click ‘Save’ on the bottom of the settings page.


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