Integrate your external calendar into our Calendar view and create or start time entries based on calendar events in two-clicks!

Note: This feature is in beta-release. Sign up for our beta program here.

Webapp Calendar

Setting up the integration

To integrate your external calendar to our web app calendar, head over to the Profile page, and click on Connect.

Note: We currently only support integrating with Google Calendar.

Connect Calendar

You will have to log in to Google Calendar and provide us with permission to view your calendars.

Calendar Permissions

Once you approve the permissions, the app will reload, displaying all your calendars.

You can now choose to add the calendars you wish to integrate, hide un-selected calendars to avoid cluttering the view, or remove the integration.

Add Calendars

Once the setup is complete, you can view your calendar events on the Calendar view.

Viewing calendar events

Integrated calendars are displayed on the Calendar view in the web app. External calendar events are positioned inside the right column, your Toggl time entries are inside the left column.

Calendar events shown in Toggl Track are private. Only the calendar owner can see these events.

Create entry from event

Interacting with calendar events

Click on any calendar event to start a time entry, copy it over as a time entry, or open the calendar event page.

Calendar Options

The new time entry will copy the calendar event's description, but you will need to assign a project, tags, and other details manually.

Do you need any further help using our external calendar integrations? Contact our support team by clicking the chat button on the bottom-right corner or email.

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