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What to expect from Toggl Track Support?
What to expect from Toggl Track Support?

Details regarding Support working hours, response times, SLA, and more.

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Toggl Track Support can be easily reached via chat. You can start a chat using the purple chat icon in the bottom-right corner of every page while logged into the web app or while browsing this knowledge base.

Office hours

We don't have regular office hours during the workweek. The people within Toggl Track Support are distributed evenly around the globe. It allows us to prove timely responses regardless of the user location. 

Weekends are an exception. During weekends there will be fewer people responding to user queries. Response times are longer during weekends.

How quickly does Toggl Track Support respond to questions? 

Our promise (mentioned in the Terms of Service) is to provide a reply within 24 hours. In practice, however, you can expect a much faster reply. Median response time is currently 1 hour.

Which Toggl Track users are eligible for Support? 

Any Toggl Track user, regardless of the payment plan, may contact Support for help.

Does Toggl Track Support have an SLA?

No. Toggl Track Support team does not currently have an SLA.

Is there phone support? 

No. Support team can only provide help via email or the integrated chat widget.

Can Toggl Track Support assist with custom apps powered by the Toggl Track API? 

We might. Support has a good understanding of Toggl Track API and might be able to pin down a reason why a specific request isn't working. 

However, we cannot write scripts for you or troubleshoot your own code. 

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