Toggl Button is a Chrome extension that lets you track time from your favorite online apps and in any other place, wherever you are on the web. The Toggl Button is integrated with these 100+ popular tools:

Airtable,, Asana, Assembla, Axosoft,, BamBam, Basecamp, Bitbucket, Bitrix24, Breeze, BugHerd, Bugzilla, CapsuleCRM, ClickUp,, Clubhouse, Codeable, Codebase,, DevDocs, Dobambam,, DokuWiki, Draftin, Dropbox Paper, Drupal,, Esa, Evernote, Feedly, Fibery, Focuster, FogBugz, Freshdesk, Gingko, Github, Gitlab, Gogs, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Inbox, Google Keep, Google Mail, GQueue, Habitica, HEFLO, Help Scout, Husky Marketing Planner, Intercom, JIRA, Kanbanery, Kanbanist, KhanAcademy, LiquidPlanner, MantisHub, MeisterTask,, Newsletter2Go, Notion, Nozbe, OnlyOffice, Onshape, OpenProject, osTicket, Outlook, PagerDuty, Phabricator, Pivotal Tracker, Planbox, Podio, Produck, Producteev, Protonmail, RallyDev, Redbooth, Redmine, Remember The Milk, Reviewboard, Rindle, Rollbar, Salesforce, Scrapbox, Sentry, SherpaDesk, Sifterapp, Slack, SmartBoard, SourceLair, Spidergap, Sprintly, Taiga, TargetProcess, Teamleader, TeamWeek,, TestRail, TickTick, Todoist, Toodledo, Trac, Trello, Turtle, Unfuddle, VisualStudioOnline (TFS), VivifyScrum, WordPress, Workast, Workflowy, Workfront, Worksection, Wrike, Wunderlist, Xero, YouTrack, Zendesk, Zoho Books, Zube.

How to install Toggl Button?

  • Open Toggl Button in the Chrome Webstore.
  • Click “Add to Chrome”.
  • Click the button next to the address bar and log in with your Toggl account. 

Toggl Button icon

With the extension installed, a Toggl icon will be added to the right of the address bar.

  • When the button is grey with a red “x” it means you are currently not logged in.
  • When the button is plain grey it means currently you are not tracking time.
  • When the button is red it means there is a time entry currently running.


Dropdown timer

Click on the Toggl Button to reveal timer’s drop down. Here you can see the currently running entry, stop the timer, open settings, initiate a manual sync or log out.

  • Click on the current Time Entry to open a popup that allows you to change the description, assign Tags and a Project to your Time Entry.
  • When selecting Projects and Tags you can easily filter through them. During Tag selection, already selected Tags are highlighted with green.
  • When there is no timer running you can also continue the latest timer you started from the extension.

Start Timer Link

If the website you are on integrates with the Toggl Button, you will see the “Start timer” link: 

Clicking the link will start a new Time Entry with the description copied from the current item you are viewing.

Depending on the site, the exact location of the “Start timer” icon will be different. It is likely to be within your tasks, issues, cards, to-dos, etc. You can see a few examples of where you can find the link here.

Tracking from any text on the web

You can start a new Toggl time entry from any text on the web by selecting it then clicking “Start timer with description” in the right-click menu.

The example above is from Trello, but the feature works with any text inside a Chrome browser, which means you can get quite creative with it:


Toggl Button settings

The Toggl Button has the following settings under the General tab:

  • Default project – set a project that will be assigned to new entries automatically.
  • Remember last chosen project – remembers the last project you used on each integration or URL. Overrides the default project.
  • Enable automatic tagging – If an integration supports tags or labels, automatically add them to the timer and create them in Toggl. Not available in all integrations.
  • Start timer automatically – Starts the timer with the most recent task when the browser is opened.
  • Stop timer automatically – Stops the timer when the browser is closed
  • Remind me to track time – Receive a notification if you forget to track time during work hours
  • Idle detection – Receive a notification when you've been idle and the timer was running, allowing you to discard the time.
  • Stop automatically at the end of the day – the currently running timer will be stopped automatically at the time you set as the end of your workday.
  • Show post-start popup – Opens the edit form immediately after clicking a "Start timer" link
  • Show "Start timer" item in right click menu – Makes it super easy to start a timer with any highlighted text. 
  • Reset all settings – All Toggl Button settings will be reset and you will be logged out. 



On the Integrations tab, you can select which web apps you want the Toggl Button to show up on. All are disabled by default and you can choose to enable them all or pick the apps you want the extension to have access to.

At the bottom on the Integrations tab you can also add custom domains for self-hosted versions of the apps supported by Toggl Button.


Pomodoro Timer

With the Pomodoro Timer you can set up notifications that will let you know that it’s time to take a break.

You can enable it from the  Settings on the Pomodoro tab:

You can choose to automatically stop the running timer when the pomodoro period ends. You can also choose to have a sound notify you and you can set how loud you want that to be.

When the time is up a notification pops up to let you know you’ve done well and deserve to take a break.

Once you’re done with your break you can select to continue the last entry or start a new one.


Idle Detection

Idle Detection notifies you of the time that you’ve been inactive/away from the keyboard, the feature can be turned on/off from the general tab in the settings page. After the notification has popped up, you can decide whether to keep the time or discard it. Here’s what it looks like:



  • Clicking the close icon in the corner will keep the idle time and let the time entry continue.
  • Clicking “Discard idle time” will stop the time entry and remove the idle time from it.
  • Selecting “Discard idle and continue” will remove the idle time from the entry but continue tracking.


Can I make my favorite tool compatible with Toggl Button?

You can build your own integrations and submit them to us. Check out this guide on how to add new integrations yourself:

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