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Tags can be used to add additional information to a time entry.


Some examples of usage

  • Marking time entries for clients you’ve billed with a tag “billed” or “invoiced”
  • Marking time entries with non-standard billing rates with a specific tag, so you’ll know that when it’s time to bill
  • Categorizing your time entries for certain project or clients by type such as “consulting”, “feedback”, “outdoors”, “B2B”, “email”, “phone call”, etc.

.Creating and editing tags

  • Tags can be created, edited and deleted on the Workspace Settings page.




  • To edit a tag, click on the pen-shaped icon next to the tag’s name and an edit window will appear;
  • Click Save to apply the changes.
  • To delete tags click on the X next to the edit icon:




  • To create a new tag on Workspace Settings page, type the name into the “New tag name” field
  • Click “Add”.

Tags can also be created on Timer page by clicking on the Tag icon on your Timer.

  • Type in the name of the tag you’d like to create
  • Press Cmd (Ctrl for PC) and Enter to create it.
  • It will also be applied to your current time entry.




Please note; that tags created on Timer page will be allocated to the workspace you’re currently in, i.e. the one showing at the bottom left of the page.

Only a workspace administrator can edit and delete tags.


  • You can also pull reports based on tags by filtering your time entries by tags on the Reports page.
  • Here you have the option to select time entries with none, some or all tags.


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