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In addition to Toggl’s free plan, there are 3 paid plans to choose from: Starter, Premium and Enterprise. List of available features is available here.

Toggl Pricing

Here’s how to subscribe. And here’s how to cancel.


Monthly vs Annual Payment Plan

Monthly payment plan

  • Comes at a slightly higher price compared to annual plan.
  • We charge automatically at the beginning of every monthly payment cycle.
  • Can be cancelled at any point. Note: after cancelling paid features are available until the end of current payment cycle. If you haven’t chosen another paid plan, Workspace will be downgraded to free plan if team count is 5 or less members.
  • New invoice is generated every month. Monthly fee depends on the number of users in Workspace. We do not charge for deactivated users.


Upgrade to Starter monthly payment plan for the first time with 5 users in Workspace.

  • 1st month is for free (30 day free trial)
  • fee for 2nd month is: 5 users x 10 USD = 50 USD
  • you deactivate one user during 2nd month, team count is now 4
  • fee for 3rd month is: 4 users x 10 USD = 40 USD

Annual payment plan

  • Comes at a lower price compared to monthly plan.
  • We charge you in the beginning of annual cycle to cover your whole team for the upcoming 12 months.
  • If annual plan is cancelled mid cycle, the remaining balance is non-refundable. After cancelling paid features will be available until positive balance runs out.
  • When you remove users during the annual cycle the unused balance from their subscription will be prorated to your Toggl account and used to cover future fees.
  • When you add users during the annual cycle we charge for the added users upfront. For example, if you add a user in your 5th subscription month, you will be charged for one user for the remaining 7 months that you have on your annual subscription.
  • If payment for additional user fails – system attempts to get a payment during 7 days. If after a week we can’t receive the payment, workspace will be switched to monthly payment plan with slightly higher fee. Any balance you have from the annual payment will be used to cover the monthly plan fees (note that since they are higher, the balance will run out faster than it would have done on the annual plan).


Upgrade to Starter annual payment plan for the first time with 5 users in Workspace on 3rd of December 2016.

  • 1st month is for free (30 day free trial)
  • the annual charge will be processed on 3rd of January 2017. The annual fee for upcoming 12 months is: 5 users x 9 USD x 12 months = $540
  • billing cycle end date is set to January 3rd 2018
  • new user is added in May 2017 – we’ll charge $63 (1 user x $9 x 7 months) for that user up-front for the next 7 months, i.e. until the end of annual billing cycle January 3rd 2018.
  • user is removed in August – their subscription won’t be used for 4 months, hence $36 (1 user x $9 x 4 months) will remain as positive balance. This credit will be kept there as additional balance for future payments.

Payment options

  • Credit Card
  • Wire transfer ((here’s how to create a Purchase Order for that)

Here’s how to choose / change payment method.

When a payment fails

  • Refused – the payment was declined by the issuer eg bank; possible reason – insufficient funds. Please contact your bank for details.
  • Referral – the payment was declined by the issuer eg bank. Please contact your bank for details.
  • Acquirer Error – payment was declined because of an error with the acquirer;
  • Invalid Card Number – declined because the card number does not exist;
  • Issuer Unavailable – declined because of a system error at the bank’s side;
  • Fraud – declined by the payment gateway due to fraud suspicion.
  • The preapproval key can’t be used before the start date or after the end date – PayPal requires that the recurring contract set up for Toggl is no longer than 1 year for each user. When the time is up, the payment information has to be entered again on Subscription page.
  • The payment can not be processed because no payment source is available – possible error when using PayPal. Make sure there’s a credit card tied to your Paypal account and that this card has been verified by Paypal.

Purchase Orders


If you’d like to prepay via a wire transfer, you can do so on the Purchase Order tab of the Subscription page. Here you can set the number of users you’d like to pay for, the Purchase Order will be for 12 months for those users.




Once you’ve created the Purchase Order, you can download the invoice issued based on it on the same page.




Once you wire the needed amount, it will automatically be added to your balance and will be used to cover your usage.

Suspended Workspace

Workspace is suspended if:

  • No payment is received. 7 or more days have passed since new invoice was generated and team count is 5+;
  • Subscription has been cancelled, but there are still more than 5 users in Workspace.

When Workspace is suspended, the data will remain intact but all other features are disabled. If new payment details are added and next invoice gets paid, Workspace will be reactivated with everything back as it was previously.

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