User account settings are accessible from the Profile page. Clicking your name in the lower-left corner of the Toggl toolbar brings up a popup box. Click on "Profile Settings" to manage your account.

Email Notifications

  • To receive tips and suggestions from Toggl tick the relevant box.
    Please note that unchecking the box won't stop all emails. For example, emails related to payments will continue to be sent.
  • Tick the weekly reports box to enable an automated email that is sent every first day of the week. This feature respects the "First day of the week" option you set on the Profile page.
  • Enable the long-running email notification if you want to be reminded about timers that have been running for over 8 hours.

Timer Page

  • Grouping similar time entries
    When enabled, similar entries will be grouped under one entry on the Timer page. Actions can done over all entries at once or by expanding the group and editing each one. Grouping is only available on the Timer page (not in Reports).
  • Running timers
    Controls the running timer notification in your browser tab. We suggest turning this off if you have a hearing accessibility tool enabled.


Time and Date settings

Time Zone

This setting affects the behavior in Reports. The Timer page works by using your your device's (phone/computer) time. We suggest keeping these in sync. 

A mismatch between your machine time and the Profile page timezone could lead to these problems:

  • Upon saving a time entry, the start or stop time could move back or forward for a few hours
  • A new time entry is saved under a different day than the one you wanted

Closing/deleting the account

  • Click the cogwheel button in the top-right corner 
  • Select “Close account”

The account cannot be closed if

  • You're an owner in a team workspace.

    Solution: Switch ownership to a different admin. Contact Support for instructions.
  • You're an admin in a team workspace and there are no other admins.

    Solution: Give someone else admin privileges. This can be done from the Team page.
  • You're the subscribing user of a team workspace.

    Solution: Instruct one of the other admins to update the payment details and thus become the new subscribing user.

Note: Users who are alone in the workspace can always delete their account. Another way to resolve the three problems above is to just remove everyone else from the workspace. This can be done from the Team page

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