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Tracked hours from my app not showing in the web app?
Tracked hours from my app not showing in the web app?

This article describes why you might be seeing time entries in your mobile or desktop app but not when you log into the web app.

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The first thing to check

You might be logged in with a different account or might be looking in the wrong workspace or the wrong date range. This guide covers what you should be checking first:

I'm in the correct place, my data is still not matching

It is possible that your mobile or desktop app is having syncing issues caused by corrupt data or temporary connection issues. In that case, please check if you can see error icons next to your time entries in the app in the form of a 'sync' symbol πŸ”„.

If you notice these error icons, please get in touch with our support to help you sync them via the chat button in the bottom right corner. It is imperative that you do not log out of the app if it is having syncing issues. Logging out clears local data, which is where your entries are stored at the moment.

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