Paying with a credit card

If you're paying via credit card, just enter your payment details on the Subscription page. We support most major credit card companies.

Paying with bank transfer

To create a purchase order, open the "Invoices and Payments" tab available on the Subscription page. From here, click on the "Create purchase order" button in the top right corner. 

Purchase orders are always created for 12 months. The total price will depend on the number of selected users and the currently active plan. Once created, a PDF with details on how to make a payment will be provided for download on the same page.

Important purchase order and wire transfer notes

  • Paying by wire transfer cannot be done on a monthly basis. You need to pre-pay for a full year.
  • The system takes your current payment plan into account when calculating the total amount. If you're on a monthly plan, the PO will be calculated with monthly prices. 

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