Editing team member profiles

How you can edit your team member profiles

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This feature is limited to the Premium plan. See prices and upgrade on your Subscription page.

Where can you edit a team member's profile from?

Team members can be modified from the Organization> Team page. This feature is only available to organization administrators.

Edit Team Members

What can you edit?

If the team member is only part of your workspace, you can edit their name, email, timezone, Organization, workspace access, and user groups.

If they are members of multiple workspaces, you can only edit the details specific to your workspace – their access rights.

Edit Team Member

Notification emails

We will automatically notify the team member about changes in their profile:

  • The user won't be notified about changes in access

  • Changes in name, email, and timezone are emailed to the user when the changes are saved.

Do you need help editing a team member's profile? Our Support team is here to help! Contact us via chat or email with your questions!

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