Toggl offline mode


In this article: Enable offline mode, Security notice.

You can track time in Toggl even when you don’t have Internet connection
. All the data will be stored offline in your computer and synchronized with Toggl servers automatically once you’re back online. It’s really useful for example when you’re on an airplane or a train without Internet access.


Here are some important things you need to know about the Toggl offline mode:


  • Offline mode needs to be enabled. It’s easy, you can do it on your Timer page.
  • Setting is individual to each computer. If you want to enable offline access on both your laptop and desktop computers, you’ll need to set it up twice — once on each computer.
  • It’s only for time tracking. Reporting and Settings are not available offline.



Important security notice

Offline access is allowed on a computer-by-computer basis. In other words, you must allow offline access for each individual computer where you’d like to track time without Internet connection.

Anyone who has access to the computer where you enabled offline access on your account, will be able to view all your project and time entries data. To help protect the security of your data, we strongly advise that you do not allow offline access on public or shared computers. Instead, allow offline access on personal computers that only you have access to, and where your access to the computer is password protected.