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How to install the Toggl Track Desktop app's beta versions.
How to install the Toggl Track Desktop app's beta versions.

Learn more about how you can install the Toggl Track desktop app's beta version to stay on top of the latest features and releases.

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Easily download and use the beta version of our macOS and Windows desktop apps. Here's how you can install them.

Installing the Windows beta version

There is no current Windows Beta version available for download.

Installing the macOS beta version

Please note, you need to be on macOS 12 or above to use the macOS beta app.

To install the beta macOS app:

  1. Install TestFlight on the Mac that you’ll use for testing.

  2. Click on the invitation link: itms-beta:// **

  3. Click “Install” or “Update”.

Having trouble with the link? Please try this one instead:

Please note: We do not recommend having both the regular macOS app and the beta app installed at the same time, as your Google login will not work on the beta app in that case. If you wish to have both apps installed, please only log in using email/password on the beta app to avoid inconvenience.

If you don't have a password for logging in with your email you can always create one HERE even if Google login is enabled for your account.

Need more help? Contact our support team via the chat button on the bottom right side.

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