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How to generate a report for a client?
How to generate a report for a client?

Use reports to share time tracking data with your clients

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Perform the following steps to grab time tracking data from Toggl Track and share it with your client:

  1. Open the Detailed report in the webapp.

  2. Use the "Client" or "Project" filter to display data only for the relevant client.

  3. Tweak the Calendar filter if necessary (it's set to "This Week" by default).

  4. Once you have the data you want to share with your client, click on the download icon in the top right corner and choose "Download PDF".

  5. Send the PDF to your Client via email or any other method you prefer.

Note: If your client requires a broader overview of the tracked time, send them a Summary report, instead.

Need more help? Feel free to contact our Support team via chat or email.

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