How to sign in with Apple?

Use your Apple ID to safely log into Toggl Track

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You can now use your Apple ID account to authenticate with Toggl Track. Apple sign-in requires two-factor authentication in order to work. For more details on how Apple sign-in works, open the following Apple support article.

Enabling Apple sign-in for an existing account

  1. Open the Profile page

  2. Click on Account Settings

  3. Enable Apple sign-in.

Note: After you turn on Apple sign in, the "Enable" button will switch to "Disable". You can use that button to later turn off Apple sign-in. If you used the "Hide My Email" option while setting up Apple sign in, we suggest changing the email address at the top of the Profile page.

Registering with Apple sign in

  1. While on the Sign-up page, select your country, accept the Terms of Use, and click on Sign up with Apple.

  2. Log in to your Apple ID account and proceed with 2-factor authentication.

  3. Choose whether to share your email address with Toggl Track or not (screenshotted below). Choosing the Hide My Email option will generate an email address with the domain. Any email Toggl Track sends to the auto-generated address will be automatically forwarded to your Apple ID email address.

Logging in with Apple sign in

While on the Login page, choose the Login with Apple option.

Important note: In certain conditions, Apple sign-in will work without the need to first enable it. If you attempt to log in to an existing Toggl Track account with Apple sign in, the system will let you in if your Toggl Track email address matches the Apple ID address.

If Apple sign-in is enabled and not working correctly...

  1. Reset the password using the password reset page. For more details on password resetting open this article.

  2. Once you log in, open the Profile page, scroll to the Apple sign in section and switch the setting off and on again.

Note: Our macOS desktop app only supports Apple sign-in when downloaded from the App Store for macOS 10.15+. It is not available for older macOS.

If you still have questions about signing in with Apple, please contact our Support team by clicking on the purple chat icon in the bottom right corner of this page to start a chat.

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