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About legacy Toggl Track integrations
About legacy Toggl Track integrations

General information about legacy integrations with select third-party applications

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For a few select applications, Toggl Track has built direct integrations that simplify automatic data exchange between the third-party app and Toggl Track. 

Applications supported via legacy integrations

Toggl Track currently supports setting up new integrations for Asana, and managing existing integrations for Basecamp2 and Github.

Note: Toggl Track used to support integration with FreshBooks Classic, but since the product was retired by Freshbooks, this integration is no longer available. We also no longer support new integrations with Basecamp2 and Github.

How to set up the sync

All integrations with the apps stated above can be set up by opening Integrations from the left menu-bar and going to Classic Integrations tab.

In order to enable any integration, hit on the green "Enable" button next to the app. You will then be directed to the app page asking you to grant Toggl Track permission to interact with the app on your behalf.  

Importing/exporting data

After you have enabled the integration and granted Toggl Track permission to communicate with the app, the green "Enable" button is replaced with a green "Sync now" button. 

Please note that the “Sync now” button doesn’t trigger an immediate synchronization. It will place your synchronization in a queue, the actual synchronization will happen a bit later. (During a busy period this can be an hour or even more.)

Do I need to wait until the sync has completed?

You can go off and do other things in Toggl Track while the sync is in progress, it will continue even when you’re not viewing the page. 

What if anything goes wrong with the sync?

Once the data synchronization is complete, Toggl Track will tell you what was imported and how long it took. If there are problems, you will find that the page has a reference to a log that contains more details about the problem. This is how it will appear:

Removing integration, enabling auto-sync

Clicking the small cogwheel icon next to the "Sync now" button allows you to delete the integration configuration. From here, you can also enable automatic synchronization, which will make Toggl Track check for new data from the app every 10 minutes. 

Troubleshooting / reconfiguring the integration

To properly disable your current connection with Asana, Github etc. and start a new one, please follow this procedure. 

  1. Click on the cogwheel icon and delete each individual "pipe" by clicking the "Delete configuration" button. 

  2. With all individual pipes deleted, click on the main cogwheel icon (for the entire integration) and select "Delete authorization". 

  3. Refresh the page. 

  4. Setup the integration from scratch. 

Integration with other apps

While the Toggl Track legacy integration is available for a few select applications only, using many other applications with Toggl Track can be simplified with the help of the Toggl Track Button browser extension for Chrome or Firefox

Still need help with integrations? Our support team is available to help you further. 

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