With our iCal integration, you can subscribe to your time entries and see them in an external calendar, such as Google Calendar. Here's how this feature works.  

How to subscribe to your tasks using Google Calendar?

  • Click on the Settings tab on the left side of the page in the Toggl Track web application. 
  • Click on the Integrations tab 
  • Toggle iCal integrations on, if they are off
  • Click the 3-dot control to copy iCal URL 
Setup iCal
  • Go to Google Calendar and on the left side of the page, under “Other calendars”, click on the small arrow and choose to “Add by URL”.
  • Paste the copied iCal link and click “Add calendar”.
  • Your time entries will now be displayed in your calendar.

Keep in mind that

  • Integration with iCal is a feature available with Toggl Track paid plans, it can't be used with the Free plan. 
  • The feed only sends your time entries from the past two weeks, anything from before that is not exported.
  • The feed is one-way which means that you will get a read-only view of your time entries in the calendar.
  • While this integration has only been tested in Google Calendar, Toggl Track users have reported the integration working in other services (like Yahoo Calendar) as well.

Need further help with our iCal integration? Contact our Support team via chat or email :) 

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