Toggl Track natively integrates with Asana via our Integrations page. 

About Asana

When it comes to the speed, complexity, and scope of our modern work, basic email is no longer up to the task. Figuring out what needs to get done, getting on the same page, and finding the right information in your email is inefficient. 

Asana has re-imagined team communication from the ground up. Conversations and tasks are in one place, so everything is actionable and transparent. When less of your time is spent in email, you’ll have more time to get work done.

What can I import from Asana?

Data can be synced from Asana to Toggl Track through two individual “pipes”, which can be configured separately. Currently, Toggl Track supports importing:

  • Users as Toggl Track users 

  • Projects as Toggl Track projects

  • Tasks as Toggl Track tasks within projects

Note: Tasks can only be imported into paid Toggl Track organizations. Asana sub-tasks are not imported into Toggl Track via this integration.

When importing users, you’re able to select exactly which users you wish to import. New users will be imported as “inactive” users, that can be activated on the Team page.

All existing projects will be matched by name. Imported projects are set as public. Please note that even if you have assigned users to tasks in Asana, this information isn’t imported because public projects don’t have a project team. You are able to change this setting and assign users to Tasks on the Project Edit page. 

Fetching projects is limited by the user's scope. The integration will only pull projects that you can access & manage in Asana. It won't automatically pull all projects from the workspace. 

In case you have multiple accounts in Asana, you’re guided to choose which account you wish to import from each time you set up sync.

If you need further help enabling or managing this integration, you can contact our Support Team via chat or email :)

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