How to Get the Most out of Toggl

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Basics to Make Sense of Your Days

Use Projects and Clients to categorize your time – this will make it easy to analyze your days and improve your productivity. Mark your time entries as Billable and use Tags to add any additional information to them. Once you’ve tracked some time, the footer at the bottom of the page will provide an overview of which projects have taken up your time the most.


Time entries, projects and everything else in Toggl are allocated to workspaces. You can create a new workspace to keep your work life separate from your private life.


Track Everywhere!

Toggl Desktop app supports Windows, OSX and Linux. In addition to offline tracking, its Timeline feature can help you remember what you did when you forget to start your timer. Timeline displays your workday in 15-minute graphic chunks. Each chunk shows you what program and window you used, and for how long.


When you’re on the move, track time on your phone, using our iOS or Android apps .


You can integrate the Toggl timer into other web tools you work with, using Toggl Button Chrome Extension.



There are many ways to view your tracked time in reports.

Get your data in aggregated form with Summary Report. Group time by client, project, team member or task name. Set filters to get only important information. Numbers and slick charts show you where the time really went.


Get a one-by-one list of all time entries in Detailed Report. Set a date range and knock yourself out browsing data. Edit time entries, add or remove tags and billable flags.


Organize data by weekdays in Weekly Report. It’s a simple overview of the time tracked every day of the week. View data by team member or project, worked time or billed amount.


Toggl with Your Team

Get your team on board! Start by sending an invitation to their e-mail and add them to your projects so they can begin tracking as soon as they’ve joined. Add a different billable rate to each project member. Once they’re settled in, track their progress on Team Dashboard.


Create user groups so you can assign your team members more easily and use different access levels to help you manage your team better.


There’s More!

Toggl Starter plan offers many useful features, such as:



Set time estimates to your projects to keep track of your budget. Get a convenient overview of your progress on Project Dashboard and set up alerts to notify you when you’re approaching your goal.


Rounding in reports

Round time up or down. Round to the hour or nearest minute. Display seconds if you want. Define your own date and time formats.

Printing and export

The print view displays attractively in your browser. Or opt to export a PDF for sending to clients. CSV and Excel export are available for in-depth analysis or extensive reporting.


Saved reports

Share reports easily with clients and co-workers who don’t have Toggl accounts: Create a filtered report with a set timeframe and a bookmark link with a single click. Allow clients to manipulate the timeframe, should you choose. And there’s no limit on bookmarks.

You can try out Toggl Starter for free for 30 days – upgrade on your Subscription page.

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