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Toggl Desktop is a small desktop application that will help you track time more conveniently. It sits quietly in your system tray and when you need it (to start/stop/edit your work), it’s quickly accessible. It does what it’s designed to do best – tracks time.


Download Toggl Desktop Now:

Mac OSX (Mountain Lion 10.8 and newer)
Windows (supported Win versions are 7, 8, 8.1)

Instructions and user tips:


* Windows


Notes for Linux

Distribution support

At the moment there is only 64bit binary package available. There are no distribution-specific packages available. We are working on adding a generic .deb package which should be usable on all (recent) Debian based distributions.

We don’t have a version for 32bit Linux, but you’re able to create it by following the instructions here:

Window Managers

Toggl Desktop has been tested with Unity, Gnome and KDE in general should be working. There are known issues with LXDE.

*Please note that starting from Ubuntu 13.04 there is no tray (notification area icon) support.