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timeline enable

How does it work?

  • Timeline gets recorded on automatically when Toggl Desktop is running on your computer and and you have enabled the recording.
  • Records each website and program that you view for more than 10 seconds;
  • Shows your day in 15-minuteincrements;
  • Displayed on Toggl web below your tracking bar;
  • In summary, it helps you keep track of your day and application usage.

Please note:

The timeline will not be available on the first day after signing up in Toggl. The timeline feature will be enabled on the second day.

What does it show?

Timeline Capture

  • Dark blue horizontal bars show the times of day that you have covered with time entries. It is only displayed if you store start and stop time.
  • Light blue vertical bars display the programs that you’ve used and pages you’ve viewed and for how long:
  1. The bar height shows how many minutes of the 15-min increment you have been active for.
  2. Hover over a bar to see the exact sites and applications you visited at that time of day and for how long:

Timeline hover


  • Only you can see the information on the Timeline
  • Information is not shown in reports or anywhere else in Toggl.
  • All information is kept entirely private and not shared with anyone.
  • Toggl does not save any data that is entered on those sites or applications (e.g. passwords or content).
  • Each day’s data can be viewed for up to 9 calendar days, after which it gets permanently deleted.

Enabling and Disabling

  • Click on the Settings wheel next to the Actions button. Here you can:
  1. Show or Hide the Timeline on your page
  2. Pause the Desktop from recording events (but still view the Timeline)
  • Timeline events only get recorded when you have Toggl Desktop running on your computer.
  • Timeline only works with the latest Desktop version. Please click here to download it.