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Why did my integration stop working?
Why did my integration stop working?

Details on why an API plugin tool might start returning the 410 Gone error

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Starting on Nov 8, 2021., the use of the old public API domain ( has been dropped in favor of the new domain. Any custom integration relying on the old Toggl domain will either stop working completely or become very functionally limited.

API requests that fail due to usage of the old domain will return the following error: 410 Gone.

Who is impacted by this?

  • Any user running their own in-house integration that connects to the Toggl Track API. This domain change impacts both the time-tracking API and the Reports API.

  • Any user relying on third-party integrations to perform some Toggl-related action. Integrations supported by major integration providers (Zapier, for example) have already been updated.

How to fix it?

  • If you're running an in-house integration. Update the endpoints mentioned inside your requests to the new domain ( For more details open the API Docs on GitHub.

  • If you're relying on a third-party integration. Reach out to the developer maintaining the tool and ask them to make changes. Instruct them to open the API Docs over at GitHub.

If you're a developer in need of assistance with performing the necessary changes, please start a conversation by clicking the chat link on the bottom right to start a chat.

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