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In this article: regular users, project managers, workspace administrators, user groups, project privacy settings, and additional access settings.

In Toggl, there are three basic user access levels – workspace administrators, project managers and regular users.

Regular Users

By default, all newly invited workspace users are regular users. A regular user can:


Project Managers

The user who creates a project, is automatically the manager of that project. A project can have more than just one manager. Project managers can be set and changed on the project edit page.

A project manager can:

  • do everything regular users can;
  • edit the project(s) they are manager of;
  • see all the time that is tracked under the project(s) they are manager of;
  • see and edit the project members’ hourly rates;
  • view the Project Dashboard for projects they manage


Workspace Administrators

By default, the person who creates the workspace is the administrator of the workspace. As in projects, a workspace can have more than one administrator. Workspace administrators can be set and changed on the Team page. Click on the Access icon in the user’s field.

A workspace administrator can:

  • change workspace settings;
  • edit all projects and clients;
  • edit team members;
  • see/edit/delete all time tracked by team members (the only exception being editing time entries within private projects in which the workspace administrator is not a member);
  • decide who can create projects and see billable rates
  • view the Project Dashboard for all projects


User Groups

User Groups make managing larger teams much easier. They can be created on the Workspace Settings page.

You can add users to user groups from the Team page, and then allocate the team to a project. All users in that group will be members in this project immediately. Whenever a new user joins, you can give them access to all necessary projects by just adding them to a group. Simple as that!

TIP:Whenever making changes, don’t forget to click “Apply”!


Project Privacy Settings

There are two types of projects – Public and Private. You can decide the type of the project upon creating it. Public projects can be created and edited only by workspace administrators. Private projects can be created by all team members if the workspace settings allow this. By default, all projects are Private.

Public projects are:

  • accessible to all workspace users;
  • all users can track time under these projects;
  • all users are able to view every single time entry tracked under these projects;
  • when you tick “Public” (visible for the entire team) in the project creation box, the project is made public;

Private projects are:

  • only accessible to project members;
  • members can only see their own tracked time;
  • project managers and workspace admins can view all time tracked under these projects, but they cannot edit the time in the project unless they are a member;

You can change the project privacy settings from the project edit page:

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