Toggl Vocabulary and Hierarchy


In this article: account, workspace, team, user groupsclient, project, task, time entry and tags.

Toggl Vocabulary and Hierarchy will help you understand how we name everything around here and how different features are connected to each other.



Your account is connected with your e-mail address (the one you use for logging in). You can have several Workspaces connected with one user account.



Everything you do in Toggl gets allocated to a Workspace: time entries, projects, team, features. Hence your Starter subscriptions, Settings and Reports are all Workspace specific. There are two places to manage workspaces: a general Workspaces page where you can see all the workspaces you belong to, and an administrators-only page where they can change Workspace Settings such as billable rates, currencies and much more. Read more about Workspaces.




Your whole Team can track time in the same place in Toggl. You can invite Team Members to your Workspace, assign Tasks to them, and run Reports when they’ve tracked time. Click here for more on tracking with your team.


User Groups

This feature is to make managing large workspaces easier. You can create a User Group from the Workspace Settings page, then add users to it on the Team page, and then allocate this group to a project. All group users will be members in this project immediately. When a new user joins, just add them to this group to give them access to all necessary projects with a simple click.



You can assign Projects to Clients. You can make new Clients on the Workspace Settings page. You can assign several Projects to one Client, but only one Client to a Project.




You can make new Projects on the time tracking field and on the Projects page. You can assign Time Entries, Tasks and Clients to Projects.




You can assign Tasks to a Project and to a specific team member. Manage and create new Tasks on Projects Edit page. Read more about Tasks.


NB: Tasks is a Starter plan feature.


Time Entry

Time Entry is the most basic feature of Toggl. You can connect time entries with Projects/Clients & Tasks, and also add Tags.  Read more about how to track, edit and add time entries.





Tags let you add additional information to Time Entries. You can make new Tags on the time tracking field or on the Settings-»Workspace page. Read more about how to use Tags.


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