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Are you thinking of implementing a tracking tool to save your company both the time and money? The only problem is you don’t exactly have time to find your own way and learn it on your own.
This is why the Toggl Master program might be for you and your business.

It was designed to connect businesses with our top-notch consultants who will help you in learning the ropes of Toggl and how to accommodate it to your own needs. It might be that you know how to use Toggl but are interested in its additional features or you are wondering how to motivate your team to stay on track and take control of their time.

Who are the Toggl Masters? 

Our Masters are first and foremost fellow Toggl users who love the product, know everything about it and want to share it with the world. While our Support ninjas are there to help you with any Toggl related questions or concerns, Consultants are there to provide full coaching service and try to make Toggl a best fit for your own business’ needs.

Consultants can be the ones who will motivate your team to track time, to show you all the different features or just someone who will be there to offer advice on how tracking time can be used to change your business practices for the better.

They will be there to help you out with mastering our Toggl mobile apps, Toggl buttons, desktop apps and of course our web app. They are hand-picked based on their expert knowledge on Toggl and their ability to share their knowledge with other teams and companies.

If you feel you don’t have the time to go through our Knowledge base and want to learn the ropes much quicker, this might be the program for you.

How does it Work?

If you feel you could benefit from the program, please fill out the sign-up form at We will reach out to you and see if we can find a consultant for you in your area. From there on, you can set up a phone call and you’re ready to go. The charge of that will be agreed between you and the consultant.

Once it is over, we will request a feedback so we can continue on improving our Program and provide you with the best help we can.

If you didn't find what you were looking for, please write to and we are happy to help!

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