Toggl Master Plans

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*Great for solo users and small businesses

1 hour of work

200 USD

  • Get your workspace set up
  • Solve any specific problem
  • Learn to use Toggl to the fullest



*Great for both new and existing users of Toggl

4 hours of work

800 USD

  • Set up multi-user Toggl workspace from scratch
  • Get your team on board
  • Import your projects and clients into Toggl
  • Set up integrations with your existing tools



*Best for Toggl users with larger teams (15+)

8+ hours of work

Starting from $1600

  • Get personalized advice to meet your team’s needs
  • Teach how to integrate Toggl with everyone’s workflow
  • Support your team during and after Master session



Didn’t find the right package? We’ll create a custom package to suit your exact needs!


*All plans created are mostly examples of best usage of the service. Everything, except the hourly price is negotiable. 

If you didn't find what you were looking for, please write to and we are happy to help!

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