In this article: how to set up the sync, what will be imported, auto-sync and how to delete the configuration.


About Teamweek



Teamweek is a time-saving online project planner and team calendar that brings the much needed sanity into your workday. It helps you react to change fast, collaborate with your team, manage and share tasks intuitively.


How to set it up?

Please note that this is only a one-way integration from Teamweek to Toggl and accessible for admins only. To set up the sync, you need to go to the Import and Export page (by clicking on “…More” on the left menu bar). You’ll find the Teamweek sync just below Basecamp and Freshbooks.




You need to click on the green Enable button to set things up. You will be directed to Teamweek, where you need to sign in and grant access to your account.




Once you’ve granted access to your Teamweek account, you’ll be directed back to the Import page in Toggl where you’ll be able to import:

  • Users –  they will be imported as Toggl users and existing users are matched by e-mail. You’re able to choose which users you wish to import.
  • Projects –  imported as Toggl Projects. Existing projects will be matched by name.
  • Tasks –  imported as Toggl tasks. The existing ones are matched by the name. Please note that you can only import tasks from Teamweek that are attached to a specific project. You will also need a Starter subscription to import tasks.

To start the sync, click on the big green Sync button. Once it’s complete,  Toggl will tell you what was imported and how long it took. If there are problems, you can check the log for more details.



Please note:
The “Sync now” button doesn’t trigger an immediate synchronization. It will place your synchronizations in a queue, the actual synchronization will happen a bit later. (This can in a busy period be an hour or even more.)


Auto synchronization

Auto-sync will look for new things to import at least once an hour (not available for users’ import) and it can be enabled from the cogwheel menu.

You can trigger a manual sync anytime you wish just by clicking on the Sync button.


Stopping the sync

All “pipes” can be configured separately – to delete the configuration for a specific pipe, choose “Delete configuration” from the cogwheel menu next to the Sync button.

If you wish to delete the entire configuration, choose the same option from the lone cogwheel menu at the top right the pipes.


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