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What is Superday?

Superday is a lifelogging app that tracks your time automatically during the day using your location info, and then creating a visual timeline that shows you how you spend your days and helping you to take control of your time.



Superday is currently only available on iOS 9.3 or later, and on iPhone 5S or later. To be able to operate, Superday requires permission to your Location data and your Core Motion data. This data is vital in making sure that automatic time tracking (and category sorting) is optimal and precise.


How Does It Work?

Once you log in to the app, you just need to leave it running in the background and the Superday will automatically start tracking and generating time slots. Once a time slot is created, you will be able to select a category for it, which will Superday use to create visual timeline so you can easily see how did you spend your day.




Categories are used to differentiate time entries that app automatically creates, and to provide you with a clear overview of how did you spend your days. There are 13 different categories in total: commute, fitness, work, school, shopping, leisure, household, hobby, friends, family, kids, food and sleep. We are working on adding more in the future updates.

You can also quickly access the previous days and edit their time slots by clicking on the calendar icon at the top right of the screen, and then selecting a particular day.


Editing Time Slots & Categories

To update category of a time slot, tap on the time slot, which will open up a detailed view of that particular entry, and then tap the category bar and select category you want. If you want to change the category again, simply repeat the process by tapping on the time slot once more. Additionally, detailed time slot view will show you a map with location during which app tracked your time, so you can be sure where you were for that particular time slot.

You can also start a new time slot manually by tapping ‘+’ button at the bottom of the screen and selecting category for it.




Although Movement is one of the 13 categories, we decided to show it a bit differently so it saves up space on your screen. You can still adjust this time slot to any other category, and of course, you can adjust any other category to Movement.



Superday provides you with an overview of your time tracked with Daily and Weekly summaries. By tapping daily chart at the top of the timeline, you will open daily summary view which provides you with a graph and percentages of your activities during the selected day, and by tapping the graph icon on the navigation bar you will open weekly summary view, which gives you more detailed view of how much you spent on each activity during the selected week.



Android Version

We do plan on releasing an Android version of Superday at a certain point in the future, but for now we’re focused on updating iOS version, testing out new features and making sure the app works to the best of its capabilities.


Battery Consumption

We made sure that the app uses bare minimum of energy needed to operate. One of our main goal while designing the app is to be light on battery consumption while it works in background and we are proud to say it does just that.



Your Superday data is safely stored only locally on your phone. The app does not let us access your Superday data at any point. 



To help us improve Superday and its tracking, you can send us feedback and reports by clicking the paper plane icon on the top of the screen. This will open up your Mail app on your iPhone and automatically attach log that is generated from the Superday app. The log itself contains general and anonymous usage & location data that we use to fix the crashes and improve the app.

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