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About the Premium plan

Get Toggl Premium, so you can:

  1. Access all Starter features
  2. + access to Toggl Insights (a productivity tool giving you details about the profitability of your projects)
  3. Enjoy 7 additional features not available to Starter plan users

The full price for Premium is $18 user/month when paid annually, and $20 user/month when paid monthly.

Premium features

Schedule reports to e-mails

Tired of pulling the same reports every week and having to download them to share with your boss? Now, you can save reporting filters, save the report and choose who you’d like it e-mailed to and when – such as daily, weekly or monthly.


You can even have several reports with varying schedules sent to multiple team members and groups. Read more.

Time tracking targets with automated reminders

Assign a target number of hours you’d like a specific team member or user group to track in a day and/or week. We will then email them automatically to remind them when they’re not meeting the required targets to help keep everyone on track. Read more.


Required fields for time entries

Define what your workspace time entries must include – you can choose one or many:

required fields

Time entries can’t be saved or changed unless they have those fields present. If you’d try to save it without a Project for example, you would see this error:


Your team members (and you) will never forget to add the project again! Read more.


Time audits

Specify what makes a time entry “suspicious,” and then filter all those entries out from your reports. With just one click, you can also choose to view all entries without a project or a task while taking other filters into account as well, such as Project, Client and User.


Once they’re filtered, you are able to easily edit them using the bulk edit functionality. Read more.


Adding time for team members

Add time for your team members directly from your own Toggl account. Read more.

Add for team modal

Locking timesheets

Prevent previous time entries from being edited by your team members by locking them – such as when you’ve sent the report to a client or processed payroll.

Workspace admins will still be able to edit everything and unlock the report at any time, but all other users will only be able to view time entries that are in the locked period. They can’t make any changes to them. Read more.

Edit team member profiles

Make changes to team member Profile information directly, such as team members’ names, emails, passwords and time zones. Read more.




+ Keep access to all Starter and Free features

The full list of Starter and free features is available here.


To upgrade to Premium

  1. Select
    “Upgrade to Premium” from the available plans in the ‘All plans’ view on your Subscription page
  2. Choose whether you want to pay annually or monthly by toggling the switch above the plans between “Monthly Billing” and “Annual Billing”
  3. Enter your billing information or indicate that you wish to use the existing details.
  4. Confirm payments and you’re all set!


Frequently asked questions

  • Does the discount apply to added users, too?

Yes, any discount your workspace has applies to all members, regardless of when they were added.

  • What happens when I remove users on the annual plan?

The unused balance from their subscription will be prorated to your Toggl account and used to cover future fees.

  • What happens, when I have the annual plan, and I add users? 

The added users will be charged for upfront, too. For example, if you add a user in your 5th subscription month, they will be charged for the remaining 7 months that you have on your annual subscription.

  • What if the payment for the additional user fails?

We will try the charge automatically for 7 days. If at the end of that period we can’t charge anything, your workspace will be downgraded to the monthly plan and all discounts removed.

Any balance you have from the annual payment will be used to cover the monthly plan fees (note that since they are higher, the balance will run out faster than it would have done on the annual plan).

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