In this article:  how to set up the sync with GitHub, what can be synced, automatic synchronization and how to stop the sync.


How to set up the sync?

The GitHub sync is found on the Import and Export page, which you’ll find once you click on “…More” from the left side menu. This is what you’ll see:


To start setting it all up, click on the green “Enable” button. This will direct you to a page that will ask you to give Toggl Pipes the permission to access your GitHub account:

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 16.38.15.



To proceed, click “Authorize application” and you’ll be directed back to the Import page in Toggl.


What am I able to sync?


You’re able to import from GitHub public repositories that will be imported as Toggl projects. All existing projects will be matched by name.


Once the sync is complete, Toggl will let you know whether the sync was successful and show you what was imported. If there are problems, you can check the log for more details. Please note that only repositories that the authorizing user has access to can be imported.

  .Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 16.43.44


Please note:
The “Sync now” button doesn’t trigger an immediate synchronization. It will place your synchronization in a queue, the actual synchronization will happen a bit later. (This can in a busy period be an hour or even more.)

Automatic synchronization

This will look for new things to import at least once an hour, and can be enabled from the cogwheel menu that is right next to the Sync button.

You can trigger a manual sync anytime –  just click on the “Sync” button!


Stopping the sync

To delete the configuration for the repositories’ pipe, choose “Delete configuration” from the cogwheel menu next to the Sync button.

To entirely remove the integration, choose “Delete configuration” from the lone cogwheel menu at the top right of the GitHub section.


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