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Everything you need to know about Toggl Track's new payment & billing system - Stripe

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Beginning in October 2022, Toggl Track began a lengthy process of switching to an all-new billing system. Our in-house solution has been replaced with Stripe, a well-known and respected payment-processing platform.

Visual changes

Switching systems affected the look & feel of the Subscription page. To modify your subscription visit the Stripe Billing Portal which is accessed by clicking on the Manage Billing button. From the Billing Portal you can:

Biling Portal page

Background changes

The following tweaks to the billing system aren't visible but might still impact you and your Toggl Track subscription.

Emailing invoices

New invoices generated by the system will now be emailed automatically to the organization's owner email address. Update the billing information via the Billing Portal to set a different email address.

Adding additional addresses to the invoice recipient list is also possible. Contact our Support team for help with that.

Annual plan balances

Unlike with the legacy system, unspent balance will not be carried over to the new annual cycle. Once the new annual billing period begins you will be charged the full cost of that annual cycle. For example, if you purchased a plan for 10 users/seats and quickly removed 5, your next year's annual fee won't be lowered for the unused portion of the previous cycle (5 seats for 11 months).

The above behavior does not apply to current annual cycles. Removing two users creates two empty seats you can fill by the end of the cycle without extra charge, only new seats are charged.

Wire transfer improvements

In the past, our customers would often experience issues with paying by bank transfer. These could even cause an organization to become suspended. Aside from fixing bugs, the new system will make most wire transfer payments visible in the system automatically. You will no longer need to wait for them to be processed manually.

Invoices with wire transfer instructions will now be generated automatically and emailed to the customer at the beginning of a new billing period. Creating purchase orders (with payment instructions) or contacting Support for help is no longer required.

Automatic volume discounts are no longer supported

The system will no longer automatically reduce the price for annual customers with 40 or more users. If you enjoyed this discount in the past please reach out to the Toggl Support team and we'll find a solution that best suits your needs. You can use the chat icon in the bottom right corner to get in touch.

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