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Using the Toggl Track plugin for Adobe Photoshop
Using the Toggl Track plugin for Adobe Photoshop

Learn more about installing and using the Toggl Track plugin for Adobe Photoshop.

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The Toggl Track plugin for Adobe Photoshop allows you to track time from inside Adobe Creative Cloud without needing to switch between the apps.

Download the Adobe Photoshop plugin from here.

Installing the Adobe Photoshop Plugin

To install the Plugin, open Photoshop in Creative Cloud and navigate to Plugins > Manage Plugins.

Once in the Plugin Marketplace, search for Toggl Track for Adobe Photoshop and click Install.

The app will ask you for permission to install the plugin. Click Ok to approve this install.

Once the plugin is installed, you can click on Plugins > Toggl Track > Track to open the Toggl Track plugin.

The plugin will ask you to log into your Toggl Track account. Use your email/password combination to log in.

Please note: The plugin does not currently support logging in via Google or Apple ID. If you signed up via Apple or Google ID, please enter your email address here to set a password.

Tracking Time with the Adobe Photoshop Plugin

To start tracking time using the plugin, click on the Play button shown in the screenshot below and add in your time entry description in the field provided.

You will see other existing time entries in the list below.

At the bottom of the plugin you will see the account you are logged in with, as well as an option to Refresh/Sync the plugin, or Logout.

To edit a time entry, click on it and you can edit the description, project and billable status for each time entry. Click Done to save the changes. You can delete a time entry by clicking the Delete button at the bottom of the Edit popup.

Need any help using the Toggl Track plugin for Adobe Photoshop? Contact our support team via the chat button on the bottom right corner, or email us. :)

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