Integrations in this article have been created through use our public API.

Please note that these integrations are not endorsed or tested by Toggl Track. Toggl Track does not assume responsibility or liability for any issues caused by the use of the products.


Access Toggl Track data from popular data-centric BI, ETL, & reporting tools, as well as within custom application and scripts.


Bill your time entries with easy-to-use accounting software. Read more

Focused Work

A simple, flexible focus timer that lets you assign Projects & Tags to each focus session, and seamlessly log them as time entries. Observe productivity insights with Toggl Track’s reporting. Available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Google Sheets

A detailed guide on how to pull your Toggl Track data directly over to Google Sheets. Read more


Connect Toggl Track to hundreds of other apps and transform your data and workflows with automation.

Use this integration to get all of your insights from Toggl into your account and better manage your time spent on tasks, invoices, and projects. Read more.

MS Dynamics AX & D365 F&O

Connect Toggl Track to the Project Management and Accounting module in MS Dynamics AX & D365 F&O using the Time Connect add-in available from Microsoft AppSource and Digital Architect Group

Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Connect is an integration platform without limitations on automation workflow. You can create a fully automated workflow by picking a trigger and tweaking it further by adding filters, actions, and field mappings.

Using Pabbly Connect, Toggl can be integrated with 400+ applications related to marketing sales, eCommerce, CRM, payment, etc. and, create complex workflows with “If/Else” conditional triggers & filters. You can also define the conditional/comparison functions as and when required. Read more.


Bill time to your Toggl Track projects from Subversion or Git. Read more

QuickBooks Online

Time entries in Toggl Track are automatically synced to QuickBooks Online about every 15 minutes – integration developed by Apigrate. Read more


A plugin to pull time entries from Toggl Track right into your Redmine account. Check it out in Github


This is a Tableau Web Data Connector that pulls in your task tracking data from the Detailed Report. Check it out on GitHub.


Track time to your Toggl Track account using your Samsung Gear smartwatch with this handy app. Visit the Samsung Gear Companion Android app and search for “TogglMe” to find and download the app to your watch.


An integration for Vertec users. Read More


A handy browser extension that gently nudges you every now and then asking the all-important question "what are you up to?" A handy addition to help keep you reminded to track your time! Find it here.

Tracker for Toggl Track

Ever wanted to control Toggl Track with your voice? There's a Google Assistant tool for Toggl Track now! Use this handy Assistant prompt to track time with just your voice. Read more


Integrate your favourite web apps with Toggl Track. Read more

For example:

Zoho Desk

The Toggl extension for Zoho Desk helps you efficiently manage time tracking for your projects from within Zoho Desk. Time entries are available within Zoho Desk, which makes it easier for you to bill clients for the work completed with ease. You can generate time-tracking reports, and share them with your clients as emails and PDFs, enabling smooth and transparent client relationships. Read more here.

Zoho Projects

The Toggl Track integration with Zoho Projects helps you keep track of how much time was spent on each task in a project, so business processes can be optimized to be more efficient. Read more here.

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