Integrations in this article have been created through use our public API. Please note that these integrations are not endorsed or tested by Toggl. Toggl does not assume responsibility or liability for any issues caused by the use of the products.


A tool to integrate with JIRA. With the plugin you can start and stop the Toggl timer from within each JIRA issue.  Read more

QuickBooks Online

Time entries in Toggl are automatically synced to QuickBooks Online about every 15 minutes – integration developed by Apigrate. Read more


Bill your time entries with easy-to-use accounting software. Read more


Integrate your favourite web apps with Toggl. Read more 

For example:


CloudWork is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) to connect key business apps in the cloud. Read more


A plugin to pull time entries from Toggl right into your Redmine account. Check it out in Github


Bill time to your Toggl projects from Subversion or Git. Read more


An integration for Vertec users. Read More


Track time to your Toggl account using your Samsung Gear smartwatch with this handy app. Visit the Samsung Gear Companion Android app and search for “TogglMe” to find and download the app to your watch.


A handy browser extension that gently nudges you every now and then asking the all-important question "what are you up to?" Handy addition to help keep you reminded to track your time! Read more

Google Sheets

A detailed guide on how to pull your Toggl data directly over to Google Sheets. Read more

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