Project Dashboard is a Starter plan feature. Open it by clicking on the pie chart icon on Projects page or Project Edit page:


Who can see the Dashboard?

  • Project Dashboard can only be viewed by Workspace Admins and Project Managers.
  • Regular users are not able to view the dashboard.
  • Project Managers can only see the dashboard for Projects of which they are managers.
  • Admins can view it for all Projects in the Workspace.


Project overview

  • Project Dashboard allows you to see the progress of your whole Project, also separately by each Task.
  • The timeline at the top displays the tracked time for the project as a whole compared to the Estimation.
  • More detailed information available below the timeline includes estimation, time tracked in total and more.


Tasks overview

  • The data on the lower level provides an overview of the individual progress of each Task. This can be displayed as either a pie chart or two bar graphs (switch between the two by clicking on the arrows).
  • The horizontal bar graph shows total time tracked for each Task individually as well as tracked time vs the Estimate.
  • Estimates still in progress show the tracked time in the darker shade.
  • The vertical bar graph shows hours tracked to a Task and how many of those hours were billable.
  • Billable hours are represented on the bars by a darker shade and a white $ sign.
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