Toggl natively integrates with Freshbooks Classic via our Integrations page. 

About FreshBooks Classic

FreshBooks Classic is a refreshingly easy-to-use, fun and approachable cloud accounting solution that makes managing small biz finances simple and straightforward. Designed with a non-accountant in mind, easily create and send invoices, automatically import expenses and accept payments online, all from your phone or the web. 

What can I import from FreshBooks Classic?

Data can be synced through four individual “pipes”, which can be configured separately. You’re able to import from FreshBooks Classic:

  • Users as Toggl users
  • Projects as Toggl projects
  • Tasks as Toggl tasks

All existing users are matched by e-mail. When importing users, you’re able to select exactly which users you wish to import. New users will be imported as “deactivated” users, that can be activated on the Team page. Please note that only admins and staff members will be imported – not contractors.

All existing projects and tasks are matched by name. When importing tasks, projects under which the tasks are located in FreshBooks Classic will be imported as well.

What can I export to FreshBooks Classic?

From Toggl to FreshBooks Classic you will be able to export time entries:

Time entry export requirements:

  • Time entries in Toggl must be assigned to projects and tasks imported from FreshBooks Classic
  • Time entries must be billable, i.e. you need the Starter plan or higher to use this feature
  • Email address associated with Toggl must match the one associated with FreshBooks Classic. If they don't match, change the FreshBooks Classic's email to match with the one added to Toggl

Note: Exporting time entries for the same time period multiple times can cause duplicate time entries in FreshBooks Classic. This can happen when the configuration is deleted and re-enabled.  

If you need further help enabling or managing this integration, you can contact our Support Team via chat or email :)

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